June 27 (Wednesday): Image #178

With gas prices rising, Ginger has been thinking about getting a smaller, electric car.
(Don't ask me why she is wearing a sweatshirt.)

June 26 (Tuesday): Image #177

I have a goal, every day, to cross these train tracks before the 7:00AM train.

June 25 (Monday): Image #176

When I'm having a food emergency, this is the ambulance I call: Dr. Flavor's Old Fashion Shaved Ice & Steamed Hot Dogs. Just seeing this guy driving around town makes me feel safer.

June 24 (Sunday): Image #175

We go the church with Keith and his wife, Elizabeth. I also work with Keith, who flies a P-3 (Image #173), and he leaves tomorrow for 6 weeks in the Middle East.

June 23 (Saturday): Image #174

Red Fountain Grass (Pennisetum setaceum) on an early Sturday morning.

June 22 (Friday): Image #173

P-3 Orion.

June 21 (Thursday): Image #172

I was walking into my local Publix grocery store, when I noticed this bird nest delicately perched in the sign. Do you see it? Look at the bottom of the "&"--it's hard to see, but here is a close up:

The baby birds were hanging out, and the parents were flying back and forth, bringing worms and bugs and all sorts of other bird treats, right in the middle of this busy parking lot. A tiny oasis in the concrete jungle of Orange Park.

"The moment one gives close attention to anything, even a blade of grass, it becomes a mysterious, awesome, indescribably magnificent world in itself." -H. Miller

June 20 (Wednesday): Image #171

It's true---when I don't have any other ideas for pictures at the end of the day, I go find Moses, and if she isn't involved in her eternal quest to hunt something, she willingly poses for me.

June 19 (Tuesday): Image #170

As I pulled into the parking lot this morning at work, this license tag was on a truck in front of me. Antartica--talk about a long drive! I am soooooo jealous.

June 18 (Monday): Image #169

June 17 (Sunday): Image #168

I have a drainage problem. My retaining wall (see picture #38 on Feb 7) refuses to cooperate.

June 16 (Saturday): Image #167

Ginger left this morning to accompany our church's youth group on a week long trip to Palmer Home, the PCA Children's Home in Columbus, Mississippi. They are travelling in style in this charted bus. (Any invitations for dinner can be sent to my home or cell phone--I'm not very picky and eat almost anything.)

June 15 (Friday): Image #166

We have been here for over two years, and I never saw a turtle before this week. This little guy, a male Eastern Box Turtle (Terrapene carolina carolina) was hiding in the front yard under some bushes. When Moses, the Great Orange Hunter, and I went out to investigate, he would close his "plastron" (scientific name for the bottom side of his shell) until Moses left. There is really no point in telling that last fact, but I wanted to use the word "plastron".

June 14 (Thursday): Image #165

I went out for a ride today, and my thoughts returned to the possibility of riding the 2007 Whitney Classic. Stay tuned for more details.

June 13 (Wednesday): Image # 164

Why did the turtle cross the road? I'm not sure, but I found this fellow casually crossing our street. I'm not sure what kind he is....his shell (and distinctive markings) were covered in moss and algae, like he had been submerged for the last 6 months. Whatever kind of turtle he is, he seemed to know where he was going and was determined to get there.

June 12 (Tuesday): Image #163

"It was one of those hot, silent nights, when people sit at windows listening for the thunder which they know will shortly break; when they recall dismal tales of hurricanes and earthquakes; and of lonely travellers on open plains,
and lonely ships at sea, struck by lightning."
--Charles Dickens; Martin Chuzzlewit; 1843.

June 11 (Monday): Image #162

When I went to start my car this morning, this was on my hood---a Luna Moth (Actias luna)! These babies are amazing, and here is the lowdown. As a caterpillar, it goes through 5 different exoskeletons (called instars, for you scientific geeks), all of which are bright green. Finally, it spins a cocoon and "pupates" for two weeks, at which time this beautiful moth emerges. It always emerges in the morning, and when first hatched, it climbs to a "safe" spot until its wings harden and it can fly away. Hence, the reason it was sitting on my hood this morning and didn't fly away when I came out--it couldn't because its wings weren't stable enough. Final fact--as a moth, it has no mouth because it doesn't eat! Its only function is to reproduce and lay eggs, and it better do it quick, because it only lives for seven (7) days!

June 10 (Sunday): Image #161

I think I discovered why my sink keeps getting clogged up. . .

June 9 (Saturday): Image # 160

An early morning visitor on our porch, an immature Ring-Necked Snake (Diadophis punctatus).

June 8 (Friday): Image #159

Nothing like the power of karaoke to bring people together.

June 7 (Thursday): Image #158

We are moving in about 6 months--time to start touching up the walls and getting the house ready for the market. Anyone interested?

June 6 (Wednesday): Image #157

Some friends got a new puppy. Here's Ginger and her new little friend "Dozer".

June 5 (Tuesday): Image #156

The ice cream truck always makes a special stop in front of our house.

June 4 (Monday): Image #155

Carson thinks the grass needs a little extra water.

June 3 (Sunday): Image #154

June 2 (Saturday): Image #153

After almost 3 months without, we got a second straight day of rain. And because I know you are wondering....our new gutters worked great!

June 1 (Friday): Image #152

June 1 is the first day of hurricane season, and right on time, Tropical Storm Barry rolled into the gulf and gave us our first serious rain in several months.

May 31 (Thursday): Image #151

Fish on the barbie.

May 30 (Wednesday): Image #150

Anyone recognize this loaf of garlic goodness? Our friend Kelli (see March 31st -April 1st) just sent us an early Christmas gift- a package with a loaf of garlic cheese bread from the world famous Erik Schat's Bakery (two locations for your convenience in Bishop and Mammoth Lakes, California). Thanks Auntie Kelli!