April 24: Birthdays

We know several people who share today as a birthday: Darren Gadd in NC & his nephew, Elijah Rector, Aja McVaney in TX, and Kelli Ramsay in WV at the moment but from San Clemente, CA. Happy Birthday from coast to coast!

April 21: Spring Snow in Bass Lake again

April 17: Mighty San Joaquin River

We floated the San Joaquin with friends, Jamie and John. What a great afternoon!

April 15: Jim aka "Gym" Smith's birthday among other things

April 12: Orange County, CA

A teen girl band plays at the OC Youth Expo and it reminded us of our friend, Jess Richmond, a teen band member back in her younger days. We love her song "flexible fabric, bandaid!" and wish we could have seen her on stage too.

April 10: Lao in SoCal

Our waitress, Buffy, in Pasadena speaks both Lao and Thai. I can't remember which one she said that she finally spoke in the video but I believe it is Lao. She was a great sport. Filatore asked for water in a clean glass (emphasis on "clean") because Ginger had asked for water with "no ice". We cracked up when she brought glasses of water and the one she gave to Filatore had lipstick on it! She blushed but laughed right along with us.
She forgot to say hi to all of you out in blog world but we didn't have the heart to ask her to do a 2nd take. Speaking of "take 2", there are several previous videos that have mistakes and one of these days we'll post an outtake reel.

April 9: Newport Beach overlooking Balboa Island

Bill and Chris Welch are old friends from our first go-round in Oakhurst. They now live in Huntington Beach and we miss not having them in Oakhurst. We enjoyed a fantastic dinner sitting upstairs and outside over looking the bay. Bill was our pastor and one of our funniest memories PN (pre-Navy) includes him. I will not throw him under the bus right away but maybe we will share the parfait story one day (if this generates at least 10 comments).
Also, Filatore would like to publicly apologize for attempting to disengage Bill's watch alarm at 9pm only to learn that it now goes off at 9:05, 9:10, 9:15, 9:20, 9:25, 9:30 and 9:35!

April 8: Pasadena, CA

We stopped to have dinner with Mel, an old housemate and co-worker and a really good friend. We really love Mel but we have to throw her under the bus for getting the date wrong. Way to go Mel.

Before dinner we stopped in to meet Mel at her place of work, a local coffee shop attached to the Pasadena Library. After dinner there was a little detective work by Filatore.

April 7: Arizona visits Bass Lake

This video speaks for itself. Watch to the very end for a 15 second (or maybe more) giggle. Thanks Nicola...enjoyed your visit!

April 4: Moses' 12th Birthday

Moses, the great orange hunter, is still in NC with her grandparents. Ginger will be traveling back east in May/June and will bring our little girl back to California, her home state. She turns 12 today and I would venture a guess that she might be the most well traveled cat alive.
Happy Birthday Moses!

April 2: Spring Thanksgiving on Good Friday in Nova Scotia

Good Friday was a spectacular Thanksgiving celebration full of food, laughter, games, pies, and friends.

Farkle or Ten Thousand was a new game for Filatore. It was definitely energetic.
A farkle highlight:

Is Denise a little too excited & nervous or what?

April 1: Fresno, CA concert

Eight or nine bands played in Fresno. Many we had never even heard of. Ginger went with friends from Nova Scotia (aka a piece of land between Coarsegold and Madera, CA) went to see David Crowder Band and they were great. Ginger really hoped he would be signing autographs but not on this trip...but hopefully one day she will get to meet him. (Ginger's friend, Stacey in FL, would have flipped her lid if that video had been attained.)
The guys below of Fee were good and it was nice to meet them. Filatore wishes Matt a very happy birthday!

March 31a: Dinner with great friends at a great place

Tony is not thinking that the cars driving by are giving Christel much respect as she's trying to say hi to blog world.

please see March 31b below

March 31b: Dinner with great friends at a great place

Tony is such a funny guy and here is the new "son" he acquired:

If any police or firefighter in Fresno sees this and recognizes Shane, please comment so Filatore and friends and family can enjoy in his having to buy everyone ice cream. Filatore is a big lover of ice cream and hopes those in Fresno get a scoop because of this!

March 28: Welcome Back Party at Dan & Holly's

One of the many reasons we love California and especially the Bass Lake/Oakhurst area: WONDERFUL FRIENDS.
Almost every year since we left CA in '04 we have come back to visit and I believe almost every time we've also had a big get together at the Rogers. Thanks to all who came out to "welcome us back" and all those who have loved us through the years.

March 27: Ann & Colin get married at Summit Adventure

Filatore did a little research and though there have been a few receptions at Summit's Basecamp, this was the first wedding to take place on the grounds. Congratulations to Ann & Colin who met at Summit