May 29 (Tuesday): Image #149

Moses, the Great Orange Hunter, graciously consented to grace the children next door with her presence and allow them to stroke her noble head for a few precious moments.

May 29 (Monday): Image #148

May 28 (Sunday): Image #147

Kim and Ginger enjoying their 20 second of fame as Internet celebrities.

May 26 (Saturday): Image #146

May 25 (Friday): Image # 145

Severe drought conditions still exist in Florida.

May 24 (Thursday): Image # 144

At the Jacksonville Zoo.

May 23 (Wednesday): Image #143

Reunited and it feels so good.

May 22 (Tuesday): Image #142

My good friend, colleague, confidant and climbing partner Phil and his just turned two-year-old son Jacob.

May 21 (Monday): Image #141

The first of three groups from Johns Hopkins Outdoor Pursuits when they returned to Baltimore on Monday afternoon.

May 20 (Sunday): Images #140

Minding my own business and taking a friend on her first kayaking adventure...until a massive manatee came up under me just seconds after this picture was taken, soaked me with a huge splash, and almost tipped me over. Yes, I thought I was dead meat and an alligator would have me for dinner. Thankfully, it was the gentle giant sea cow instead! And yes, my friend laughed the enire time. I was not laughing.

May 19 (Saturday): Images #139

Canoe instructing with some Girl Scouts at Camp Kateri's Aquatics Weekend.

May 18 (Friday): Images #138

Cycling with Selena every Friday at the YMCA!

May 17 (Thursday): Images #137

THERAPY...That's what my neighbor, Stacey, calls Thursday mornings. Card making using stamps, snacks, a coke, and friends.

May 16 (Wednesday): Images #136a&b

April 17th was Ben & Jerry's free cone day and Spnr loves ice cream so much that he used 2 pictures that day. Well, for those of you who know me well, you'll understand why there are 2 pics today. Tomorrow, May 17th, is the grand opening of Jacksonville's very first Jamba Juice. Tonite was the "Sneak Peak" and I stopped in for a free Berry Lime Sublime!!! I wonder what will happen next month on the 17th?

May 15 (Tuesday): Image #135

Ginger with a group of 7th grade girls at our church. They make me feel loved and they think Spinner married me for my money...what a hoot!

May 14 (Monday): Image #134

#1 What is this guy thinking? #2 What is he wearing? Is it a sweat suit made of trash liners? or #3 Am I out of touch with fashion these days?

May 13 (Sunday): Image #133

I went to my first PGA event, The Players Championship or TPC, at Sawgrass with my friend Anna. I did see Tiger Woods on the famous hole #17 but no cameras or cell phones were allowed. It was probably my last time as well. There is a picture and it will be coming soon. Stay tuned.

May 12 (Saturday): Image #132

What are you up to later on tonite? Want to take in a movie or go out for a bite?

May 11 (Friday): Image #131

Sunset image with Spanish Moss covering the trees

May 10 (Thursday): Image #130

While Spnr is away I am house sitting for some friends that live on Doctor's Inlet off of the St. John's River. I've enjoyed watching the ospreys as one stays on the nest and the other fishes for themselves and their little one. Also saw a pair of eagles while kayaking but didn't have the camera. I could enjoy living on the river!

May 9(Wednesday): Image #129

Thanksgiving may come early this year if these turkeys come any closer to the garden.

May 8 (Tuesday): Image #128

As mentioned several days ago, I have the good fortune to take some time off and instruct a course up in the Monongahela National Forest of West Virginia. During my time away, I have yielded control of this daily picture project to Ginger, so anything posted here between tomorrow and the 23rd reflects her editorial control. Have a good two weeks....and I'll be back on the 22nd!

May 7 (Monday): Image #127

Spider-Man 3 at the San Marco Theater.

May 6 (Sunday): Image #126

The famous nomadic cows of Orange Park, Florida.

May 5 (Saturday): Image #125

"Memory... is the diary that we all carry about with us." ~Oscar Wilde
Have you ever smelled something that triggered powerful memories? I'm getting ready for a 10 day outdoor leadership course with Johns Hopkins, and thought I would wash my backpack before I left. (I bought this pack in 1998, and have never washed it). The bathtub was quickly filled with Sierra Nevada pulverized granite, sand from the Mojave deserts of Joshua Tree, Ponderosa pine needles, Marmot saliva, funky sock odor, various unknown sticky substances, Adirondack snowmelt, some assorted small rocks from Death Valley and nine years of my musky man-odor. On Saturday, I traveled around the country without ever leaving my bathroom.

May 4 (Friday): Image #124

Today, the squadron celebrated a Change of Command ceremony, switching leadership from one Commanding Officer to the next. Here, our new Commanding Officer makes a few comments.

May 3 (Thursday): Image #123

It hasn't rained in Jacksonville for 63 days, the biggest drought in years, wildfires are burning all around us, and this car wash is advertising for Rain-X.

May 2 (Wednesday): Image #122

This picture is notable because of what you can't see: downtown, or the other side of the St John's River, or NAS JAX, or much of anything at all. Wildfires in SE Georgia have blown lots of smoke all the way to Jacksonville, and sky has been smoky for the last week and a half. It makes me feel like I am back in California!

May 1 (Tuesday): Image #121

The first squash of the season made it from the garden to my stomach in less than 2 hours!