Feb 27: 05807

Fresh, home-made chocolate-banana bread.

Feb 26: 05707

Check out what time it was when I got in my car to drive home!! And when you consider I left for work at 6:10, it's a new personal record!!

Feb 25: 05607

My in-laws, Juanita (left) and Ricky.

Feb 24: 05507

I brought back 5 liters of freshly-pressed olive oil from Sicily, and we uncorked it tonight.

Feb 23: 05407

Ginger's parents are in town for the weekend, and her father, electrician extraordinaire, helped us install some recessed lighting in the kitchen.

Feb 22: 05307

Spring is in the air; time for Ginger to till the garden.

Feb 21: 05207

Today is the first day of Lent, the 40 day period between Ash Wednesday and Passover (which modern Christians celebrate as Easter Sunday). Lent is traditionally seen as a period of preparation for Holy Week, the week surrounding the arrest, trial, crucifixion and resurrection of Jesus.
Although not Biblically obligated, many modern Christians celebrate Lent by voluntarily giving up something (a favorite food, drink, or activity) in order to prepare for Holy Week and to identify with the suffering of Christ.
I am giving up one of my favorite pastimes, eating ice cream.

Feb 20: 05107

Just to prove that I am not scared of the gritty, realistic photos. . 6:15 AM: Sunburned, wind burned, unshaven, with chapped lips and eyes that I could barely pry open. It must have been a great weekend. . .

Feb 19: 05007

Paddling through Sunday Bay as dawn breaks on the 18th of February. The water was smooth as polished glass, and everything was right with the world.

Feb 18: 04907

Twilight at the Sunday Bay Chickee; Everglades National Park.

Feb 17: 04807

The AMERICAN WHITE PELICAN, pelacanus erthrorhynchos, on a shell mound in the middle of Chokoloskee Bay.

Feb 16: 04707

Ginger's favorite thing about heading to south Florida. . .stopping by the Jamba Juice in Tampa. Can you say addicted?

Feb 15: 04607

In spite of some cold weather, the gerber daisies out front are thriving.

Feb 14: 04507

It's not a very romantic image, but I spent part of the afternoon going through the "Gear Closet"--we are planning a little trip this weekend down south to The Everglades.

Feb 13: 04407

Carson, our neighbor from across the cul-de-sac, comes for a visit.

Feb 12: 04307

Planning a weekend getaway.

Feb 11: 04207

The original munchkins from "The Wizard of Oz" and the rock band Molly Hachet. . .what a combination.

Feb 10: 04107

Tonight, I procrastinated until it was 9 minutes before midnight before taking a photo.

Feb 9: 04007

Squash on the grill.

Feb 8: 03907

This purple flower grows on the side of our driveway and has unexpectedly bloomed in the recent cold eather. I'm still trying to figure out what it is. . .

Feb 7: 03807

I built, or attempted to build, a retaining wall across the back of our property before I left on deployment. It had a few structural defects, and it has been in a state of repair and renovation for the last few weeks.

Feb 6: 03707

She gets so grumpy when she is taking a nap.

Feb 5: 03607

One of our tiny neighborhood treefrogs made his way inside for while....it took Moses, the great orange hunter, a few minutes to hunt him down.

Feb 4: 03507

On the way back through Savannah, Ginger browsed her way through a local market.

Feb 3: 03407

On Saturday, 2,559 people ran in either the 5k, the half-marathon, or the full marathon. Here are four of them: Ebru (2:07:32), Spinner (4:15:32), Ginger (2:12:30) and Jess (2:25:00).

Feb 2: 03307

Watching the sunset at Tybee Island, a barrier island about 18 miles west of Savannah. We spent the weekend here for the Tybee Island Marathon.

Feb 1: 03207

Twitch, last seen on Jan 18 under the heading "technogeek", attempting to show his thoughts on how Peyton Manning could be a better quarterback.

Jan 31: 03107

It's the last day of January and the Poinsettias are still in the living room.

Jan 30: 03007

We are probably some of the few people in Florida who were excited over the drastic plunge in the thermometer. Check out my frozen windshield early Monday morning!!