February 20: Josh Barber birthday!!

A little break from the daily

February 19: Kalamazoo, MI puppet show

February 18: Mt Hermon CA resident in Grand Rapids, MI

February 17: Grand Rapids, MI (but filmed on the 19th)

Jenny Echols and I have not seen each other since 1993 in Boone, NC at Appalachian State Univ. We had a lot of catching up to do! We met for Indian food at 6pm and did not even look at our watch until 11pm...and we thought it was only 9pm or so. Whew! GOOD TIMES!!! Thanks Jenny for an awesome evening!

February 16: Grandville, MI

Dana Barber's Dad, Darryl, a faithful Filatore follower

February 15: Spring Arbor, MI

February 14: Kalamazoo, MI

February 13: Shore of Lake Michigan

I am loving visiting with friends along this cross country drive! I've known Dana for 10 years! Thanks for taking me to the shore to see the "iceberg dunes."

February 12: Bluffton, OH

February 10 & 11: Snowed in in Perrysville, OH & Cedarville, OH

Snow Day in Perrysville, OH

Ben Radley at a camp fair in Cedarville, OH

February 9: Philippi, West (by God) Virginia

Second year in a row to see baby lambs. LOVE IT!

Twins born sometime in the middle of the night

February 8: The Land, NC (aka NeNe & Pops' Place)

Juanita & Ricky Wilson, Ginger's parents, say goodbye to her as she begins her slow drive across country. Bass Lake, CA or bust!

February 3: Wake Forest University, Winston-Salem, NC

February 2: Jay speaking his best Korean in Charlotte, NC

Later this month Jay will become my brother's brother-in-law. He lived in Korea until age 3 and he tried to tell us he couldn't speak Korean very well. I'll let you be the judge.

February 1: Amos J Silly Cat (aka Flops Like Fish)

Amos didn't take to all the travel that the US Navy required of us over the last 5.5 years. What was originally supposed to be a couple month visit with Spinner parents (see Jan29th)has turned into a permanent situation. We miss him much but he has become attached to his grandparents and even a neighbor so he's a fixture in Shoresbrook neighborhood in Spartanburg, SC

January 31: Lakehouse GIRLS Weekend, SC

January 30: FL girl in SC snow

January 29: Lake Bowen, SC