Tuesday, December 25: Image #363

My mother-in-law has a nativity scene in her front yard, and since we don't usually get to her house until midnight, or later, on Christmas Eve, one of the last things we do that night is to put the baby Jesus in the manger. By that time of night, it is already Christmas!
Here, Jesus gets a bath in the sink before he makes his appearance.

Monday, December 24: Image #362

Ginger with another of my favorites, Amos, who has been bunking at my parent's place in South Carolina for the last few years.

Sunday, December 23: Image #361

Every so often, a lucky photographer catches a glimpse of something rare and elusive--Bigfoot, the Lock Ness Monster, Mel W break dancing. Here it is--photographic proof of Webb smiling.

Saturday, December 22: Image #360

On the road to SC. One of my favorite roadside attractions, the gigantic Peach-shaped water tower in Gaffney.

Friday, December 21: Image #359

I left work a little early today, and headed south to North Carolina, where I was reunited with Moses, the Great Orange Hunter, who had been staying in NC while we found a place to live.

Thursday, December 20: Image #358

Wednesday, December 19: Image #357

Signs of the season.

Tuesday, December 18: Image #356

Neighborhood leaves raked, bagged, and waiting to be picked up. Note the extensive use of plastic bags!

Monday, December 17: Image #355

A Whitetail deer (Odocoileus virginianus) in our neighbor's front yard.

Sunday, December 16: Image #354

Water problems had us in a hotel tonight, but luckily, we could enjoy our one television indulgence..."Survivor". Tonight was the finale, and yes, I do still believe it is rigged.

Saturday, December 15: Image #353

My parents are in town for the weekend. Here they are, on a cold day, at the Tidal Basin overlooking the Jefferson Memorial.

Friday, December 14: Image #352

Ginger at the Capitol Christmas Tree.

Thursday, December 13: Image #351

Good news. We have a new dishwasher.

Wednesday, December 12: Image #350

In addition to the dishwasher flooding, we now have a sewage problem. Water continues to flow everywhere, but at least it is the basement.

Tuesday, December 11: Image #349

Yes, it's not that great a photo, but it shows what is going on. After moving into our great new place on Friday, the dishwasher overflowed, twice, and flooded the kitchen.

Monday, December 10: Image #348

Ginger gets her froth on.

Sunday, December 9: Image #347

Sunday night: Christmas service at the Fourth Presbyterian Church.

Saturday, December 8: Image #346

Boxes. Boxes everywhere.

Friday, December 7: Image #345

Good news! After ten days, we finally have a new place. A great location, plenty of room for visitors and a fresh coat of snow.

Thursday, December 6: Image #344

Snow. It's official....we aren't in Florida anymore.

Wednesday, December 5: Image #343

Even though we are still homeless, I still have school to do.

Tuesday, December 4: Image #342

Ginger's favorite new restaurant.

Monday, December 3: Image #341

Sunday, December 2: Image #340

I think I found the missing pig---see November 7th for more details.

Saturday, December 1: Image #339

Dinner with Doc and Leigh.

Friday, November 30: Image #338

In preparation for the 108th Army-Navy football game on Saturday, we found one Navy Officer proudly showing his colors on this Army base.

Thursday, November 29: Image #337

More military/horse history.
In military funerals, the funeral casket is often followed by a riderless horse, with an empty pair of boots placed backwards in the stirrups. The backwards boots symbolize that the leader will never ride again, and symbolizes the leader's final look at his troops, who faithfully follow behind.
The most famous funeral horse was known as Blackjack, who took part in over 1,000 military funerals, including the ceremonies for JFK, Hoover, LBJ and Gen Douglas MacArthur. He is buried behind the flagpole on the 3rd Infantry's parade field.

Wednesday, November 28: Image #336

Until we find a place to live, we are living in the BOQ at Ft Myer, Virginia. Ft Myer is immediately adjacent to Arlington National Cemetery, and is the home of the Third Infantry, probably the most famous infantry unit in the US Army and better known as the unit that guards the Tomb of the Unknowns and performs most of the military funerals in Arlington.
Since we have been here, we have seen several funeral caissons (simple, wooden wagons) being pulled by majestic black horses. All of the caisson horses pass through these doors into the stables.

Tuesday, November 27: Image #335

What a great day!

We are still homeless, we are living out of s suitcase, all of our stuff is on storage, but we found a Trader Joe's!

We were enjoying the cold weather, looking at houses, when we stumbled upon our favorite grocery store. When we went inside, patrons were bustling up and down the aisles, Christmas was in the air, and they were playing Van Morrison (see January 2nd for more info) over the intercom! Life doesn't get any better.

Monday, November 26: Image #334

This is our goal for the week. Since our house in Florida did not sell, we rented it out and are joining the rental market in DC. Hopefully, I can post a photo of our new place soon.

Sunday, November 25: Image #333

On the road back to DC. First day on the new job tomorrow.

Someone pointed out this arrow in the FedEx logo. Whether they intentionally designed it this way or not, I can't look at the logo without fixating on the arrow.

Saturday, November 24: Image #332

Friday, November 23: Image #331

Ginger, Juanita, Rocky, Ricky, Sampson, Eric, Lauren at the Outer Banks

Thursday, November 22: Image #330

Rocky eyes the Thanksgiving bird.

Wednesday, November 21: Image #329

Sunset at Hatteras Point--so many ships have sunk due to the treacherous shoals and shifting sandbars here that is has become known as the "Graveyards of the Atlantic".

Tuesday, November 20th: Image # 328

Ginger celebrates catching a 23 inch Red Drum. I'm trying to think of some witty comment about that outfit she has on, but words fail me. These insulated coveralls that Ricky gave her make her look square, like a human Sponge Bob Square Pants.

Monday,November 19: Image #326

We are spending the week in the Outer Banks. It's Eric's (Ginger's brother) 30th birthday, and they rented a house for the week just south of Cape Hatteras.

Sunday, November 18: Image #326

On the grounds of the National Navy Medical Center in Bethesda.

Saturday, November 17: Image #325

I left a day before the moving truck because I had class this weekend. The building that our classes are held is in adjacent to the Capitol...here's the view I had leaving class at 9:00 PM.

Friday, November 16: Image #324

Today was moving day. After two and a half years in Jacksonville, the movers came and carried away all our belongings. Currently, we do not have a place to live in DC....our stuff is going in storage until we find a place.
Enroute to DC, we are spending a week in the Outer Banks of NC.

Thursday, November 15: Image #323

Just like every other person who drives north (or south) on Interstate 95, I became obsessed with the billboards for South of the Border. Pedro must have a huge marketing budget.

Wednesday, November 14: Image #322

The Great Orange Hunter is enjoying her last few days in Florida, making sure the lizards know that she is still the Queen of the Backyard, even if she isn't around.

Tuesday, November 13: Image #321

Friday is our last day in Florida, and we have to say goodbye to some old friends, like this toaster we have had for at least ten years. We got it when we were in Texas, and although it has burst into flames several times over the last two years,it continually produces good toast. Despite my persuasive campaign to keep it, the toaster will not be making the trip to DC.

Monday, November 12: Image #320

Nothing says "Thanksgiving" like pumpkins and some kind of gourd.

Sunday, November 11: Image #319

Today was our last Sunday at Christ Church. We've been blessed by the great relationships we've made here.

Saturday, Novermber 10: Image #318

We planted most of the plants we had on the front porch in the backyard. This Coleus plant (of the genus Solenostemon) now has a happy home near the finished retaining wall.

Friday, November 9: Image #317

On Friday, two crews from our squadron returned after spending the better part of 3 months in Iraq. It was a happy day for lots of people.

Twitch greets his little Bella.

Tom & Jess

Thursday, November 8: Image #316

I like it. This might dovetail nicely with my new project for 2008, to be announced in the not-too-distant future.

Wednesday, November 7: Image #315

I passed this sign on the way to work. It reads, "LOST: Show Pig. $500 cash reward!"

In case you have seen the missing pig, the # is 303-6439.