Tuesday, December 25: Image #363

My mother-in-law has a nativity scene in her front yard, and since we don't usually get to her house until midnight, or later, on Christmas Eve, one of the last things we do that night is to put the baby Jesus in the manger. By that time of night, it is already Christmas!
Here, Jesus gets a bath in the sink before he makes his appearance.


Denise said...

merry christmas ( a little late as we have been out of town for a few days). hope you are both well.
baby jesus getting a bath, hmmm.
do you know that since living in your casa, we have put a dish drying rack thingy in our sink- uh huh. it is so much better than letting your dishes dry beside the sink. it's genious (i can't spell that correctly because i am not a genius- oh that is how you spell it). i still haven't mastered the tupperware though.
hugs to you both!

inebar said...

You know this was a good idea,, to wash Jesus, Because He Washed me white as snow, The True Reason for the Holiday Season,,
I LOVE you All,, Dearly