March 26: The Forks at Bass Lake

The Forks ( opened for the 2010 season TODAY! We were Poppy's very first customer this year and the burgers are just as we remembered...served on grilled sourdough bread! Mmmmmmmmmmmm!

If anyone can comment with the correct spelling of Poppy's full name, you will be in a drawing for a free Forks burger.

Also, today is a double feature because the one you will see below was unplanned and completely shocking as Sarah, a complete vegetarian for about 5 years who only recently added a little meat (though not beef) into her diet became unpredictable. All others dining with her partook in a burger meal. Sarah, on the other hand ordered french fries and a shake until...

Love the last line, "It's pretty good...other than the beef part!"

March 25: Switzerland by way of Fresno, CA

All the way from Basel, Switzerland, Ginger and Spinner's newest cuz, Eric, is visiting his mom in Fresno, CA!

Good to see you again, Eric!

March 24: Brodie Rogers from the ridge between Oakhurst and Coarsegold, CA

Poor Brodie has 6 more days as a cone head...although Holly pointed out that he looks a little like the Pixar animated light. So true especially when he eats and the edge of the cone sits on the floor! What a sweet pup and a good sport too!

March 23: Bass Lake Post Office

March 21: Jones girls on their grandparent's dock, BL, CA

Emilie and Josie Jones on camera while their older brother, Noah, canoes behind them.

March 20: Celebrating the arrival of Spring with Graham

Graham, a co-worker of Filatore, welcomes SPRING between the lupines!

March 19: El Portal, CA and Hite Cove wildflowers

After the video, check out the pictures below!!! lists all the flowers that can be seen on Hite Cove. However, some will come later and hopefully we'll get some shots of those to share too!

Below see glorious Poppies, Fiddleneck, Blue Dicks standing tall in the field of Poppies and Bird's Eye, Foothill Sunburst, and a Shooting Star (lower right)!

March 18: Seattle visits Bass Lake

Bass Lake is a vacation spot for many. Most visitors play at the lake between Memorial Day and Labor Day. However, others like today's feature, come to visit friends, family, and girlfriends. Ben is dating one of our house mates, Lily.

March 17: St Patty's is the Grand Opening of the Pines Bakery

Jamie, Ginger, and Spinner tried to be the first customers of the grand opening of the Pines Bakery under new ownership. They were so excited that they arrived at 8am only to be told that the grand opening time was 9am. Needless to say, we were not the first but we were the THIRD!! Meet Jean, new owner, and new friend who I expect we will pay a visit to a lot this year! When you come visit we will take you by too!

March 16: Missing Moses

Most of Filatore's family has made it to Bass Lake, CA. There were four who left CA six years ago. One decided he liked his grandparents better and you met him on January 29??? Ginger, who finally made it 2.5 weeks ago and then there is the Great Orange Hunter, Moses. She is hanging with Ricky, Ginger's father, in Matthew, NC until June.
When we first started thinking of buying our first house many years ago, Spinner thought it would be great to live on the south side. He also thought it would be great to take a boat across the lake to work each day. Back then, Moses went to work with us everyday and Spinner thought it would be great to dress the Great Orange Hunter in a rain slicker to make the journey twice each day. Luckily, Ginger interrupted that dream and Moses was most thankful. Now we are back again looking at houses and the dream (or at least the card) is alive again.

March 15: Nova Scotia and FAT, CA

We love the Ides of March and it's two fold:

First, Ginger was invited to Michael Jones' birthday dinner in some portion of CA that Denise, his wife, started referring to Nova Scotia (she even has a NS sticker on her car) because it is so far away from EVERYTHING. However, they do have beautiful Irish looking hills in their backyard (for the moment) and beautiful sunsets...and even an adult teeter totter.

Next, the Ides brought us together again. Spinner arrived at the Fresno Air Terminal (FAT) late, late on the Ides. Due to the time (11pm PST), change in time zone, flying to or sitting in four different airports for 22 hours and the fact that he had spent the last two weeks in a Spanish speaking culture (Ecuador), Spinner was slightly confused on which greeting he should give...

March 13: Oakhurst, CA

We first got to know Sarah when she lived and worked in Yosemite with our friend, Julie Miller (who you will see in less than a week). Now, she is married to a co-worker of Filatore. Both boys were out of town and the girls had dinner...

March 11: Survivor Party At Smith's on Summit Rd

Spnr and Jim have been watching Survivor on Thursday nights. While Spnr is in Ecuador, Ginger got invited in his place.
As side note, Amy, Jim's wife said that she overheard Jim talking to Tiger, the cat, late one night after Ginger had visited. He was saying something along the lines of "Tiger, I am not Ginger. I am not going to pet you all night. Tiger, you have been spoiled!" seems to show that Jim gives just as much attention to Tiger!

March 7: El Cid

A favorite Filatore restaurant/gathering spot in Oakhurst, CA. If you come to visit we must go! (BTW, can you tell there was a little extra prodding by a couple people to get an extra mention of their specific name vs. just Spnr and Ginger's friends?) I can't imagine who that was!!!

March 5: Fresno visits Bass Lake, CA

March 2: Bass Lake, CA

Filatore (aka Spinner) left EARLY this morning for 2 weeks in Ecuador so the videos resume. This one with a house-mate until we find a more permanent place to call home!

February 27-March 2

Here is a little snip-it of Ginger's cross country journey. Since Filatore and Ginger reunited for the first time in almost 2 months, a break in the normal video blog was halted for a short time. More to come in March!

February 26: Las Vegas, NV

This is not the normal Filatore daily video but we hope you enjoy our little glimpse of Vegas.

February 25: Vail, Colorado

Subie (our Subaru Outback) made some less than normal noises every once in a while and the steering wheel would 'shake' so much that 2 hands were required. We decided to have it checked out and glad we did. Our friend, Autumn, gave us the name of "Jungle" the traveling mechanic. Jungle said he would love to help us but he had family in town and was skiing with them all day. But Jungle referred us to Ledfoot Linda's. Needless to say with those 2 names we were a little nervous and curious. LL's was awesome though. They drove us into the village of Vail so we could get breakfast while they worked on Subie. Not only that but when they knew that we were traveling across country, they fit us in and had us on the road before lunch! Shout out to Ledfoot Linda's!!

February 24: Colorado

Ginger and Spinner (aka Filatore) reunited in Denver, CO and made their way to Edwards, CO (very near Vail) to visit with another Summit friend, Autumn Glynn Outslay, and her husband Mike and 1 year old daughter Anastasia!
And a very happy birthday shout out to Ginger's mom, Juanita, who turned the big 6-0 today!!! We love you, Mom!

February 22: St Louis, MO

Met up with an old Summit pal and his wife (who I had never met) and realized that we had not seen each other in almost 10 years! Whoa, time flies.

February 21: St Louis, MO

Traveling across country afforded the joy of seeing some friends that I haven't seen in a while. Mel Palm is one of them!