March 15: Nova Scotia and FAT, CA

We love the Ides of March and it's two fold:

First, Ginger was invited to Michael Jones' birthday dinner in some portion of CA that Denise, his wife, started referring to Nova Scotia (she even has a NS sticker on her car) because it is so far away from EVERYTHING. However, they do have beautiful Irish looking hills in their backyard (for the moment) and beautiful sunsets...and even an adult teeter totter.

Next, the Ides brought us together again. Spinner arrived at the Fresno Air Terminal (FAT) late, late on the Ides. Due to the time (11pm PST), change in time zone, flying to or sitting in four different airports for 22 hours and the fact that he had spent the last two weeks in a Spanish speaking culture (Ecuador), Spinner was slightly confused on which greeting he should give...

1 comment:

Denise said...

"spencer" does look tired. did we make you late? n.s. is a long way from fat (it's actually not fat any more it's fyi).

i like all your videos. they make me smile.

i'm going to go follow you now.