March 26: The Forks at Bass Lake

The Forks ( opened for the 2010 season TODAY! We were Poppy's very first customer this year and the burgers are just as we remembered...served on grilled sourdough bread! Mmmmmmmmmmmm!

If anyone can comment with the correct spelling of Poppy's full name, you will be in a drawing for a free Forks burger.

Also, today is a double feature because the one you will see below was unplanned and completely shocking as Sarah, a complete vegetarian for about 5 years who only recently added a little meat (though not beef) into her diet became unpredictable. All others dining with her partook in a burger meal. Sarah, on the other hand ordered french fries and a shake until...

Love the last line, "It's pretty good...other than the beef part!"

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Denise said...

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