February 25: Vail, Colorado

Subie (our Subaru Outback) made some less than normal noises every once in a while and the steering wheel would 'shake' so much that 2 hands were required. We decided to have it checked out and glad we did. Our friend, Autumn, gave us the name of "Jungle" the traveling mechanic. Jungle said he would love to help us but he had family in town and was skiing with them all day. But Jungle referred us to Ledfoot Linda's. Needless to say with those 2 names we were a little nervous and curious. LL's was awesome though. They drove us into the village of Vail so we could get breakfast while they worked on Subie. Not only that but when they knew that we were traveling across country, they fit us in and had us on the road before lunch! Shout out to Ledfoot Linda's!!

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