March 16: Missing Moses

Most of Filatore's family has made it to Bass Lake, CA. There were four who left CA six years ago. One decided he liked his grandparents better and you met him on January 29??? Ginger, who finally made it 2.5 weeks ago and then there is the Great Orange Hunter, Moses. She is hanging with Ricky, Ginger's father, in Matthew, NC until June.
When we first started thinking of buying our first house many years ago, Spinner thought it would be great to live on the south side. He also thought it would be great to take a boat across the lake to work each day. Back then, Moses went to work with us everyday and Spinner thought it would be great to dress the Great Orange Hunter in a rain slicker to make the journey twice each day. Luckily, Ginger interrupted that dream and Moses was most thankful. Now we are back again looking at houses and the dream (or at least the card) is alive again.

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