May 20 (Sunday): Images #140

Minding my own business and taking a friend on her first kayaking adventure...until a massive manatee came up under me just seconds after this picture was taken, soaked me with a huge splash, and almost tipped me over. Yes, I thought I was dead meat and an alligator would have me for dinner. Thankfully, it was the gentle giant sea cow instead! And yes, my friend laughed the enire time. I was not laughing.


Denise said...

I am commenting back to "Deder" (Ginger) because it is fun to get comments! We did have a great weekend in Cambria,inspired by your visit to Ca. You should come more often. Michael and i will be at the Whitney Classic. He is photographing, and I hope to be of some use. But hey, if we can fit an El Cid night in there, well, heck ya!

Btw- I would have totally reaked if a manatee had dumped me, I'd have thought my life was over. Are there alligators in that water? Did you kayak in alligator infested waters? Are you nuts?!!

It is fun to see your pix.
Hi Spinner!

Denise said...

I see that i put i would have "reaked" if a manatee dumped me. I meant FREAKED! however, i am sure reaking would have been one of the outcomes too.