Friday, September 28: California Trip Day #3

Many of you know Denise. She and her husband Michael (and three kiddos) were former neighbors and housemates in years past. Michael is a photographer, and they went over to document the Whitney. You can find some of Denise's thoughts about the Whitney here.

In this picture, Denise is being very generous and making a contribution to my Whitney fundraising effort (by the way, I raised just over $7,000 for this ride!!). I took another picture that she liked better, but she has such a cheerful look on her face in this image. After all, God loves a cheerful giver.

Here's a second photo that I liked---the soft sunset over the Alabama Hills, looking towards the Sierra. That's Whitney, smack dab in the middle with a hint of snow on the right side. Lone Pine Peak is in the forefront on the left side, and looks bigger since it is much closer than Whitney.


Melody said...

Only Spinner would have a scripture link to a word in his blog.

Denise said...

Very Pretty, YIKES!

my kids know that verse well, "God loves a cheerful giver."

It was wonderful to see you both.

Skip D.C. and move back here!!!

Filatore said...

They didn't teach you that at Seminary? Maybe you've been too busy collecting parking tickets and playing flag football. . .