Images from California

Mazanar War Relocation Center; southern Owens Valley.

The Manazanar Cemetery, with Mt. Willamson in the background.

Fallen tree, somewhere up the flanks of Tenaya Peak.
Mo & Ginger; Toulumne Peak in the background

Ginger, celebrating her backcountry birthday.

Your favorite couple, late one afternoon at Ostrander Lake.

Julie and Ginger, evening campfie at Ostrander Lake.

Dawn breaks over the Eastern Sierra. Ginger takes it in from the Hilltop Hot Spring.

Tis-sa-ack, aka Half Dome

Mo, Ginger & Spinner at the pools between Lower & Upper Yosemite Falls. Yes, it's a long way down.

Our good friends Kelli (in the middle) and Tony and Christel (R)

You know this look? It's satisfaction and contentment and not wanting to leave.


Denise said...

is skinny hot springing!

these are great pix.

i think you do look content and should come back.

Leigh Anne Nottingham said...

hey! You read my blog?! now I get to read yours! :) It's nice to reminisce about California being so far away myself. They are great photos. I'll have to stop in for a visit next time I'm out visiting my family in VA. Hope you guys are well.