CityLife: A New Chapter

Ginger & I have been married for seventeen years, and we’ve lived a somewhat non-traditional life. During those 17 years, we’ve made a few career changes, traveled widely, and lived in a number of places, on both coasts and several places in-between. Most of the time, we’ve lived in one of two settings: somewhat removed mountain communities, primarily out west (Bass Lake, Oakhurst, Coarsegold, El Portal) or the traditional, suburban community (Orange Park, Virginia Beach, Ft Worth, McLean). Wherever we have lived, we have tried to be intentional about building community, and have always tried to work, shop, worship, and recreate in that area.
Starting on 1 October, we are embarking in a new direction. We’ve decided to immerse ourselves in the urban lifestyle for a year. It will be a big change from what we've done in the past, and I hope to document the positive side of living in an urban environment, as well as some of the negative. As always, there will be a healthy dose of history and a spotlight on the unique setting that is Washington, DC.
We just signed a lease on a traditional DC rowhouse, in a densely populated and primarily pedestrian part of Capitol Hill.  Ginger is committed to walking (or biking) to her job at the Washington Navy Yard, thus allowing us to continue our goal of being a one car family.

Our rowhouse is a 4-story, handsome brick building built in 1901.  At one time, it was a single family dwelling, but many years ago, it was subdivided into 4 separate units.  We have the ground floor, which includes a small yard and garage (both rare in this part of town).
Our new place on Independence Ave, SE
I should also mention that our place has a great guest room, and it’s within easy walking distance of several major METRO stops (and the US Capitol is only 6 blocks away). Guests are always welcome and highly encouraged!
Our “One Year in the City” experiment will begin on 1 October 2013.

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