July 22 (Sunday): Image #203

Q: What do you get when you combine 147 letters, 294 labels, several hundred envelopes and one pen?
A: My 2007 Whitney Classic fundraising letters. Look for yours in the mail, and if you think you might not be on the list, let me know I and will make sure you get one. My goal for 2007 is $5000. Stay tuned for updates. . .


Melody said...

The trend this year seems to be the electronic Whitney letter...I've already received two. I'm surprised you are not on the cutting edge of this trend.

Denise said...

make sure we are on the list!
p.o. box 622
coarsegold ca. 93614

and thank you spinner for all your traveling tips!
since i am a freak-i registered with the embassy and took all the numbers with me, just in case.
i am home now- and homesick for the azores :-(
i will post about it as soon as i come to (still a bit out of it), but it was WONDERFUL to say the least.
and thanks for attempting to educate my children with all your places, plants, and wildlife.

Filatore said...

I really believe that electronic fundraising letters are another symbol of a disconnected, impersonal world. Maybe I am old-fashioned, but I think people respond so much netter to a personal note.

ga said...

Your letters reached NC today. I've already seen 2. :-)
Mel better not even think of supporting anyone but you!!! "If you know what I mean."