August 24 (Friday): Image #239

Eleven years ago today, at an outdoor chapel overlooking a deep gorge on the border of South and North Carolina, we got married.

Friedrich Nietzsche once said, "It is not a lack of love, but a lack of friendship that makes unhappy marriages." I've been fortunate to spend the last 11 years with my best friend. I plan on spending many more.

If you have the capability to watch video. . here's what happens when you let someone else use your camera.


Melody said...

Happy Anniversary Friends! My favorite part of the video was when Spinner couldn't get the word video out!

Denise said...

Happy Anniversary (a little late)!
i cannot tell you the number of times i have attempted to take a photo and gotten a "motion a video."
It was so good to hear you and see you!
We'll both be at the W.C.! Yeehaw! I'll be helping Kelli and Ginger as Michael photographs.
You know Spinner i think Michael would get the best pix if he were on a bike. Maybe we could get a man sized Gerry Pak (back pack for babies), and he could ride attatched to you (hehe, it's funny to even imagine). You've done the Whitney so many times, i am sure you could use a challenge :-)
BTW- is there a deadline for the W.C. donation?