August 28 (Tuesday): Image #243

I went out into the garage this evening about 6:00, and noticed that something was wrong with Moses, the Great Orange Hunter. Her foot was terribly swollen and she had a few bloody gashes on her paw. The vet thought it might be a snake bite, so we raced off to the Animal ER!

To make a long story short--it wasn't a snakebite, but the vet suspects a bite from some other animal. Her foot got shaved, she got shot full of antibiotics and we returned home with our furry little patient.

She is not very happy.


Denise said...

Poor "Hoded." Are mom and dad okay?
it is always harder on the parents than it is on the child (or in your case cat).
btw- nice plug for the W.C. at my blog :-), hope it works!

ga said...

Mom and Dad were not okay at first. I couldn't sit at the ER so I paced a lot. But she bounced back fairly quickly so we are happy now!