September 5 (Wednesday): Image #251

Many of you were shocked and outraged last Tuesday when I recounted the vicious assault on Moses, the Great Orange Hunter. The vet said it wasn't a snake bite, but we didn't know what it was. Well, this afternoon, I found out.

I was clearing some things away from the front of the AC unit so the repairman could have easy access (yes---still no AC). when I noticed a pair of beady eyes looking at me. There is a couple people I know who have beady eyes, but none of them are in Florida, so I quickly recognized it for what it really was, an Opossum (in the family Didelphimorphia. They are so disgusting, I couldn't bring myself to find the genus and species). This was the vile creature that attacked Moses, and it had taken up residence in my garage.

Despite a strong attempt at laying still and ignoring me and hoping I would go away, the possum was eventually evicted from the garage. As a matter of fact, I chased it across the street where. . .well, suffice it to say that the possum will not be an issue anymore.

Did that vile marsupial tear up my AC unit? The repairman comes tomorrow, and we will learn the truth.
Vengeance for Moses. By the way, Moses is recovering very nicely and should be at 100% soon.


Nathan said...

Spinner - I cannot help but comment on the opossum picture. Two nights ago I was roused from a pre-sleep daze and informed that our dog "had" a opossum in the back yard. By the time we got the dog inside and I got out back the opossum seemed pretty whipped. I went to the garage, got a shovel, scooped the creature up, and tossed it in some woods adjacent to our house. The next morning as I made my way to the coffee pot, the phrase "playing opossum" rolled through my head. I quickly ran out the back door and over to the spot where I threw the opossum the previous guessed it - no opossum. I hope you took the necessary precautions to make sure that your culprit was not just "playing opossum."

Denise said...

Is it road pizza?! Possums or opossoms (what ever they are) bring out the violence in me. I think it should be a California law that when driving, if you see one of these nasty Moses biting beasts, you must swerve to hit it. AAA should finance any damage, and the CHP should praise and not ticket you.

Melody said...

Possums bring up traumatic memories from my childhood. I will relate two. Once, we came home and found all of our baby rabbits were torn to pieced by a herd of wild possums...ears and tails were strewn around the yard. Second, my dad hates possums so much that once we were driving next to a field and he spotted one. Pulling over, he took a big stick and beat it in the field until it was no longer moving. Like Nathan, I went back the next day and it was gone. I am not sure if it was playing dead or its possum family came back to bury it.