Monday, December 31: Image #369

Finally--the last day of the year, and more importantly, the completion of this year's project. It was much harder than anticipated, and I'll be glad not to have to worry about taking a daily photo.

In celebration of the finale, we got dressed up and went out on the town!

A few final words:

First, I am aware that the year only has 365 days, but I have 369 photos. My numbering system got fouled up somewhere along the line.

Second, thanks for tagging along for the last 12 months. I'll miss the interaction of numerous friends and family and (anonymous) commentors.
Finally, my project for 2008 is similar to previous projects. Over the years, I have often given up something for the year--one year I gave up soft drinks (successful), another year all fried foods (successful) and even ice cream (miserable failure--I didn't even make it through January). For 2008, I am attempting to give up the use of plastic bags!
On the surface, that might seem to be a strange goal. But when you consider the fact that Americans use several million plastic bags a year, and when you consider that 12 billion barrels of oil must be imported to create those bags each year, and when you consider America's petroleum addiction, and when you consider the fact that plastic bags do not degrade (every plastic bag ever produced on Earth is still a landfill, or dumpster or floating in a lake somewhere) and when you think about how dependent we have become on plastic bags, it is a big project. The next time the grocery bagger ask you "Paper or Plastic?", maybe the right answer is "Neither, I brought my own."
Thanks for watching, and don't be a stranger.


Denise said...

So is this it,are you finished blogging?
I did not know all that about plastic. I am ignorant on many things. Is Ginger going to join you on the plastic thing? Or is she gonna sit there and eat Ben & Jerry's in front of you??

Filatore said...

Thanks for the comment. I'll be taking a blogging time-out for an undetermined period of time--after all, I have to join the Facebook craze.

I am afraid you misunderstood. I'm not giving up ice cream (are you crazy?), just the omnipresent plastic bags that are everywhere.

Think about it, do I really need a plastic bag everytime I buy something? I'm a fan of those re-usable bags--the best are canvas, but I know that Raley's sell nice green ones for about a buck.

Furthermore, I have to pay to get rid of them.

If you are interested, here is a great article from the September 30, 2007 New York TIMES, "Human Behaivor, Global Warming and the Ubiquitus Plastic BAG."

Inebar said...

I have thoroughly ENJOYED watching your year fly by with all the interesting things and places you have seen. Thanks for sharing,,
It is a little sad that I won't have interesting facts to read about, now.
However, I am with you on Plastics..
I DO recycle the plastics that I have, as we have a STERILITE factory here making new things with the plastics. But, anything we can do to not have so many just lying around is better,,
Thanks again,,
I LOVE you dearly..

Denise said...

look how quickly i have returned.

i knew you weren't taking an ice cream break. i was present for the ice cream resolution of 2004, and recall Ginger's show of support by eating good ol B&J in front of you.
hope you are all well.
i have cut back on the plastic, does that help?