Tuesday, Feb 12

42 days into the New Year and I haven't used a single plastic bag--not even to bag my produce at the grocery store. At this rate, I'm on a pace to use exactly ZERO plastic bags fior the entire year.
Think I'm overdramatizing the whole plastic thing? Check out this article about the miles of plastic bags floating in the South Pacific:


Cosby said...

china banned the plastic bag, correct me if i am wrong. are you just going no plastic bags at the store or in your home garbage as well? and could we please get a photo of every bag that you use, you know a way to tie the 2 blogs together.

Filatore said...

Wow--I totally forgot about my home garbage. Maybe I'll just start a landfill in my backyard. After all, it's a rental house. . .

Thanks for the accountability.

Cosby said...

difrute ecuador!

Cosby said...


Denise said...

i have been looking at plastic differently. still using them, but less, recycling the ones i have used. intentionallly taking oold ones to the store. hey it is trying.
yeah i'd like to see your method when your done too.
i saw a plastic lawn chair today, and thought of it's sad future.
that turtle makes me sad.

enjoy equador.

michael and i are really aiming at getting to d.c. in 09, will you have the jones 5?

and will see you in april, yes?