Catching up for lost time

With school, and work, and time on the bike ( and bike time), I've been negligent in updating some photos about life in the big city.

A couple of weekends ago, our small group went down and spent the weekend at Glen Mary Farms, a farm that has been in the Schmidt family for 30+ years (the Schmidt's are one of the couples in our group). Now some of you might be thinking that 30 years is a long time, but when you consider that Glen Mary Farm was started in 1694, it's not that long.

Glen Mary Farms is the southernmost end of the state; on the western shore of the Chesapeake Bay. It is located on the eastern shore of the St. Mary's River (a tributary of the Potomac River) and is very close to St Mary's City, which was founded in 1634 by a group of English settlers.

It's 200 acres of rolling pastures, blackberries, soybeans, roaming bands of horses, six cows, at least 4 dogs, boats, multiple houses, and maybe a couple of goats. We had a great time with friends, relaxing, crabbing, eating the aforementioned crabs, and soaking up the great scenery. I've attached a couple of pictures for your viewing pleasure.

Glen Mary Farms, Maryland.

Ginger pulls up one of the crabpots.

Luke & Gunner eagerly waiting to see what's in the pot.

One of Maryland's finest Blue Crabs (Callinectes sapidus) heads for the pot.

Ginger perfecting the art of eating crabs.

This is what it's all about. Tony Biasell...I wish you had been with us.

Lucky, one of the horses boarded at GMF.

Gunner, not to be confused with my friend Gunner Demers, of Oakhurst, California.

Gunner shakes it off.

Our group, from left to right.

Kristie, (Steve had to head back early for a soccer tourney), Katrina & Dave, David & Lizzette, Cristian & Andrea, Ginger & Spinner

Looking towards the St. Mary's River.


gwadzilla said...

I went to St Mary's College of Maryland

great part of the state

thanks for reminding me I need to take my kids to maine avenue to get some steamed blue crabs

TonyB said...

I would have loved to sit and eat crabs with you all as well as sit in the Adirondack chairs and watch the St. Mary's roll by..