Not-Really-A-Landmark-But-Still-Historical-Place of the Month (July): Bike Commuting

Ginger and I have recently started bike commuting. This decision really wasn't motivated by rising gas prices; it's more of a result of our lives being geared towards activity and the outdoors. At roughly the same time, we each realized that we could bike commute to work, save some cash, and get in a workout at the same time.

It's a short 4 mile ride (one way) for Ginger, and she can commute on her bike almost as fast as you can make it in the car.

It's a 16.2 mile ride (one way) for me, although most of it is on a fantastic bike trail (the W&OD Trail). In case you are interested, I crunched the numbers, and a one-way bike ride to work saves $5.88 ($11.76 for a roundtrip ride!).

Putting in an extra 32 miles a day on the bike is a great way to slide into my training for this years Whitney Classic. Speaking of the Whitney, I have decided, once again, to participate in this outstanding event. This will be the 10th Whitney we have attended, riding for 6 of those years. To celebrate our 10th year, we set an audacious goal of raising $10,000. That's a lot of money, especially in today's world with higher prices for everything and gas continuing to rise. But we feel passionate about this cause, and this organization,and am committed to helping out how we can.

At the start of the 2007 Whitney Classic.

You can follow my fundraising effort online here.

Getting back to the original subject...I love commuting on my bike. In light of this switch, I wanted to use this month to highlight several related items. While they aren't "landmarks" per se, I do find them :

A) personally interesting

B) particular to the DC area

C) historically intriguing and

D) a little easier to research this month. I need a break with something easy!

Stay tuned for details.

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