January: Presidential Inaugurations from GW to GWB

The first Presidential Inauguration. President-Elect George Washington takes the Oath of Office on the balcony of Federal Hall in New York City; April 30, 1789

President John Adams; 1797

An Inaugural Banner created for Thomas Jefferson's Inauguration; 1801

President James Madison's Inaugural Ball; 1809

President James Monroe; 1817. He stated during his Inaugural Address, "The best form of government is that which is most likely to prevent the greatest sum of evil."

President John Quincy Adams; 1825

The swearing-in of President-Elect Andrew Jackson; 1829

The Inaugural Ceremony of President-Elect Martin Van Buren in the old House Chamber; 1837

The Inauguration of President William Henry Harrison; 1841

A messenger delivers the news of President Harrison's death to then Vice President John Tyler; April 1841

The Inaugural Ceremony of President James K. Polk; 1845

President Zachary Taylor's Inaugural Ceremony; 1849

President Millard Fillmore's post-Inaugural photo; 1850

Inaugural Festivities for President Franklin Pierce; 1853

The first known photograph of a US Presidential Inauguration--President James Buchanan's Inaugural Ceremony; 1857

President Abraham Lincoln's 1st Inaugural Ceremony; 1861

President Lincoln's 2nd Inauguration; March 4, 1865.

The Swearing-In of Vice-President Andrew Johnson at the Kirkwood Hotel after Lincoln's assassination; April 15, 1881

The Inauguration of President-Elect Ulysses S. Grant; March 4, 1881

Crowds at the Inauguration of President-Elect Rutherford B. Hayes; 1877

The Swearing-In of President-Elect James Garfield; March 4, 1881

The Swearing-In of Vice-President Chester Arthur after President Garfield's assassination; September 19, 1881

President-Elect Grover Cleveland's 1st Inauguration; March 4, 1885

The Inauguration of President-Elect Benjamin Harrison; March 4, 1889

The Inauguration of President Grover Cleveland; March 4, 1893 (He was elected President on two non-concurrent occasions!)

The Inauguration of President-Elect William McKinley; March 4, 1897

President-Elect Theodore Roosevelt en route to the Capitol for his Inauguration Ceremony; 1901

President William Howard Taft in the Inaugural Parade Reviewing Stand; 1909

President-Elect Woodrow Wilson's Inauguration; 1913

President Warren G. Harding's Inaugural Speech; 1921

President Calvin Coolidge leads the Inaugural Parade; 1923

President Herbert Hoover's Inaugural Speech; 1929

President Franklin D. Roosevelt's 1st Inaugural Speech; 1933

President Harry S. Truman's Inauguration Speech; January 20, 1949

President Dwight D Eisenhower & the First Lady during the Inauguration Parade; January 20, 1957

The Inauguration of President-Elect John F. Kennedy; January 20, 1961

Vice-President Lyndon B. Johnson taking the Oath of Office on board Air Force One after JFK's assassination; 1963

President Richard Nixon's Inaugural speech; 1969

Vice President Gerald Ford taking the Oath of Office after President Nixon;s resignation; Aug 9, 1974

President Jimmy Carter & the First Lady walk down Pennsylvania Avenue at the start of the Inaugural Parade; 1977

The Inauguration of President-Elect Ronald Reagan; January 20, 1981

The Inauguration of President-Elect George H.W. Bush; January 20, 1989

The Inauguration of President-Elect Bill Clinton; January 20, 1997

The Inauguration of President-Elect George W. Bush; January 20,2005

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