Your choice: Inaugural fun, or a serious time-waster. . .

At the end of the last post, I posted a link to this amazing photo. It was made by photographer David Bergman who made the gigantic panoramic image by taking 220 separate photos and through the genius of computer magic "stitched" them all together. The result is an amazing photo that you can zoom in and out of, all while keeping the sharp focus and clarity desired. Another result, intentional or not, is the creation of a real-life "Where's Waldo?"

Open up the picture in another window and see how many politicians, celebrities, and other famous people you can spot. Remember, you can zoom and in out and navigate all around using the controls on the left side of the screen.

Here's a short list to get started:
President Obama
President Bill Clinton
Aretha Franklin
Denzel Washington
Yo-Yo Ma
Laura Bush
Newt Gingrinch (who wins the Non-Verbal Body Language Award)
And if you find Bigfoot, I'm really impressed. Oh yes...he's there, back by the Botanical Garden.

I'll post a list of the ones that I've identified in a day or so.


Mark said...

Glad you having fun with the pic.

Is Aretha sporting a Rick Warren goatee? I think I spotted Attorney Jackie Childs. Finally Justice Clarence Thomas may give Newt a run for his money.

Filatore said...

I think I read somewhere that when the Court is in session, he often puts his head down while intently listening. That must be what's happening--I can't imagine he'd be snoozing at such a monumental time. I mean, the whole thing was probably less than an hour!