A cake by any other name.....

Here in my tiny slice of the world, it doesn’t take much to entertain us.
The Dining Facility on our Camp is always a source of amusement. It’s not a US facility; the food service is contracted out. I’m not sure where the company is from, but the majority of workers are Afghan, Indian and Sri Lankan. They like to label the foods, and I’m guessing English isn’t their first (or 2nd, or 3rd) language, which explains why we sometimes have “burriscos”, “chicken kaboobs”, “trokey salad” or any of a handful of interesting translations.
They actually have a couple of full-time pastry chefs here, who delight in making extravagant cakes, especially for the holidays. It must be hard for them to understand some of our American holidays, but they always make a good attempt.
Some of the cakes are quite impressives, like the giant Turkey cake we had for Thanksgiving (they made FIVE cakes this size!).
Some are impressive, although the context seems a little off....like the giant guitar cake produced for Thanksgiving.

 And check out one of the cake tables for Christmas. The most intriguing one is located on the far right. When asked, it was their interpretation of the "Yule Log".

Then there is the issue of writing, with frosting, in English, on the cakes. I offer Exhibit A and B.


Denise said...

i totally get the guitar cake for thanksgiving. maybe i (josie) will whip one up for our thanksgiving in spring.

josie had a good laugh looking at these.

Claudia Stayton said...

I am reading your blog for first time, after finding it in a search for more info on Tim Hansel. Can you please tell me your name - or maybe not - or something about you that I can append to your article on Hansel.
Claudia in Central Texas