Back in the US.....

I've been especially delinquent in updating this blog over the last year. During my time in Afghanistan, I was exceptionally busy and didn't have the time (or the bandwidth) to keep it updated. I provide a quick summary and get back in the habit of updating on a semi-regular basis.

First, a quick update: I returned to the US in late March and was gainfully employed by the US Navy through the end of April.  After that, Ginger & I took the opportunity to travel a bit, spending time with each other and visiting friends far and near in California, Colorado, and the East Coast. During this time, I was half-heartedly looking for a job., but primarily just enjoying being back in the States. A few pics below of some of our travels:

Bocci at the world famous Altimus Bocci court. 

Dinner & time with the Barbers in Ft. Collins, CO. 

Reconnecting with my spiritual advisor in Petaluma, CA. 

Homemade teppanyaki at Jim Smith's. 

Posing with the pride of Oakhurst Physical Therapy (Tony, not the banner).

I also had the good opportunity to spend a month working for Pacific University in Forest Grove, Oregon. Pacific has a strong & well-developed outdoor program (called the "Outback"), and I've been fortunate to do a variety of work for them in the past. This year, I conducted several days of facilitator training for their student outdoor leaders and worked in the office some, but the main purpose was to help my good friend Phil (who serves as the Outback Director) guide a student trip up Mount Rainier in late May. This turned out to be a great experience, and a future blog will tell the story (in addition to a personal trip up Rainier as well).

Now that the month is over, Ginger & I are back in the Carolinas, hoping to head to the DC area soon. Job hunting continues....

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